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Daily Cleaning Task to keep your home neat.

I am a wife and a mother of four, running a full-time business. It can get very hectic in my home. I am always worried about how my house looks and even smells.

I keep a daily cleaning schedule to maintain a nice-looking and smelling home by following these simple steps below.

  • Wash Dishes - Nightly, after our family meal, I Put on some praise and worship music and Wash the dish.

  • Wiping down all the counters- while still listening to my music, I wipe down all the counters, dining table, and stovetop, which is best to do after each meal.

  • Sweeping/ Vacuuming - I love using my Tineco iFloor 2 Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum and Hard Floor Washer to clean the floors each night.

  • Gathering items that are out of place - Gathering all the things that are out of place ( Ex. Toys, shoes ) and putting them in their home. My children love to leave random toys and schoolwork lying around the house.

I love to get my children involved with the daily cleaning routine of keeping the house clean. My children reasonably ensure their bathrooms and bedrooms are cleaned up each night.

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